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  • Absolutely the BEST pizza on Long Island !
    Usually get a pie every other week with the baked penne al la vodka , can't get any better than Mario'.

  • Searching for good pizza in the area. So many options!  This one had a good plain cheese but the BEST eggplant pie I've ever had.

    The thickest slices and most eggplant I've ever had on a pizza. It was heavenly. I dream of it. Get it now.


  • Great pizza and Italian food is awaiting you at Mario's Pizzeria. He knows how to spin a good pizza. Anthony has years of experience. His Italian entrees heros and  calzones are made with TLC. Mario's has to be good.  He's  been taking care of Massapequa for years.
  • I give this place 5 stars for two reasons.   Only eaten there a few times so far but this is now our go to pizza place. First everything I've had so far has been excellent and that's the most important reason to choose to eat somewhere. The second reason is pure customer service and here's why:  I placed a delivery order and about 15 minutes after I called it in my toddler injured himself and we were off to he hospital. I called them back quickly to cancel the order and apologized. The girl who answered the phone really didn't know what to do/say but that's ok   The next day I went there and asked for the owner or the manager and the person said he was the owner. I told him what happened and how sorry I was and offered to pay for the food (it was a $50 order). The very first thing he said to me is "how is your son?"  I told him he was ok and thanked him again for understanding. I offered to pay twice more and again he refused and just said he was glad my son was ok. We then ordered lunch to go right then and
    there. Very happy. Will definitely show them loyalty in the future.


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